Women's Leadership Programme

Due to high demand, we have now opened enrolment for a second course from 23 to 28 April 2017.

The goal of this cutting-edge Leadership Development Programme is to empower senior- and mid-level female managers and leaders in their pursuit of dynamic and thoughtful leadership, career advancement and self-fulfilment. Critical skills in self-leadership will be developed in confronting difficulties and taking decisions across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

Scheduled Course

Women's Leadership Programme: 23 – 28 April 2017
Application Deadline: 3 April 2017
Download: ASPR_WomansLeadershipProgramme_1.pdf

Specialisation Course on Long-term Election Observation (LTO)

The aim of this specialised course is to convey the entire scope and tasks of LTO work to participants.It is organised in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs.

CARITAS Safety/Security Training

The disaster response unit of Austrian CARITAS started with a specially tailored training on "safety/security" in 2012.
21 staff of "Caritas Katastrophenhilfe" with field experience particiated in the compact course 27-30 March.
The customized curriculum covered essentials from "Personal Safety/Risk Assessment" to an outdoor "mine awareness"-training.

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