Specialisation Course on Monitoring and Evaluation

The course is designed to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge on monitoring at the same time. Consequently, the theoretical knowledge acquired will be applied to a practice example, resulting in a step-by-step design of a result-oriented monitoring system.
In order to offer – to the extent possible – a tailor-made training, an inquiry into participants’ needs and expectations will be conducted prior to the course.

Training of Trainers for Sustainable Peacebuilding and Human Rights

You will master techniques needed to design, organise and facilitate workshops and seminars on human rights and sustainable peacebuilding. You will familiarise yourself with participatory approaches and creative tools to train different groups, and learn to evaluate and reflect on training and learning processes. Experience a practice-oriented training based on a non-violent gender-sensitive approach.

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Specialisation Course on Long-term Election Observation (LTO)

The aim of this specialised course is to convey the entire scope and tasks of Long-term Election Observers (LTO) work to participants. It is organised in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs.

Scheduled Course

Specialisation Course on Long-term Election Observation: 17 – 26 März 2018
Download: Course Outline

While Short-term observer (STO) assignments are usually very short, the responsibility and scope of LTO is far more complex and requires much greater understanding of the various steps and processes in the organisation and running of elections. A long-term observer (LTO) is expected to gain first-hand knowledge about the effectiveness and impartiality of the pre-election administration; the implementation of the election law and regulations; the nature of the campaign; and the political environment prior to voting dayas well as the relevant preparations for the arrival and deployment of STOs. 

The course employs a mixture of theory and practice to equip participants with state-of-the-art methodologies derived from on-the-ground experience, also taking into account the working environment of the participants. The participants will be involved in lectures, inter-active discussions, and simulations.  Election observation methodologies and approaches of relevant multilateral organisations will be presented. Complex election day observation exercises will be carried out and analysed.

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CARITAS Safety/Security Training

The disaster response unit of Austrian CARITAS started with a specially tailored training on "safety/security" in 2012.
21 staff of "Caritas Katastrophenhilfe" with field experience particiated in the compact course 27-30 March.
The customized curriculum covered essentials from "Personal Safety/Risk Assessment" to an outdoor "mine awareness"-training.

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