Integrated Training Programme

The courses offered under this programme follow the guiding principles of the UN and the EU to adress complex emergencies with integrated, multi-dimensional and multi-level support programmes which include civilian and military capacities and subject matter expertise. The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) has therefore engaged in a cooperation programme with the Austrian Ministry of Defence and designes, organises and conducts a number of courses jointly, ensuring the necessary multidimensionality of these particular courses.

The cooperation programme between the ASPR and the Austrian Ministry of Defence has been implemented since 2009 and builds on the extensive experience of the ASPR in international civilian conflict management and recovery as well as the subject matter expertise in peacekeeping and international relations of the Austrian Ministry of Defence and other Austrian line ministries.

It is designed to provide civilian, military and police experts with a comprehensive understanding of strategies and approaches to Recovery and Stabilisation, Security Sector Reform, and the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict.

The multidimensional character of the training programme offers relevant courses which include a broad spectrum of expert trainers and participants in their various fields of specialisation: civilian experts from peace missions, international organisations, governments and UN Agencies and CSOs are together in the courses with expert military and police staff to discuss and address the common challenges interfacing peace, security and development in conflict or post-conflict settings.

In the framework of this programme, the ASPR currently offers 5 courses per year, which are part of the Austrian contribution to the European Security Defence College (ESDC) and open to international participants:

twice per year: ESDC Core Course on Security Sector Reform

twice per year: ESDC Course on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

once per year: Senior Level ESDC Course on Recovery and Stabilisation Strategies

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