You will find only those ENTRi courses that are organised by ASPR here below. For the overview of all ENTRi courses, please visit the ENTRi homepage at

ENTRi Security Sector Reform course

The course aims at providing civilian SSR programme staff and advisors with in-depth knowledge on the long-term aspects of Security Sector Reform processes which are linked to the overall recovery effort in a post-conflict context and will be a crucial part on the way to sustainable development and good governance. This is done through an interactive course design where both trainers’ and participants’ experience is valued and practical solutions are identifies. The Security Sector Reform course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to carry out a comprehensive review of the post-conflict context and surrounding, as well as associated reform processes to SSR programmes. The participants will be able to identify challenges and options for improved approaches to result oriented programme support.

ENTRi Specialisation Course «Introduction to Rule of Law»

This course is meant to offer a comprehensive overview of the rule of law aspects of civilian crisis management missions and to deepen the participants' understanding of such matters and their importance in the context of war-torn societies.

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