EU AV Training Cycle

During the EU Aid Volunteer training, candidate volunteers are trained on a range of topics preparing them for their deployment in a humanitarian assistance function.Throughout the classes and the simulation exercise the participants will be assessed on a set of competences which will determine if the candidate volunteer will subsequently be deployed.

EU Aid Volunteer Candidates will receive following course:

  • Introduction to the EU, external relationsandcrisisresponsesystem
  • Introduction to humanitarian action, the Union humanitarianaid policy andtheEU AVinitiative,
  • Managing personal safetyandsecurity,
  • Inter- cultural awareness,
  • Projectmanagement, and
  • Scenario-basedsimulation exercise.

Some will also take part in optional modules, such as:

  • Psychological first aid,
  • Communication and advocacy,
  • Multipliers,
  • Organizational development,
  • Volunteers management.

Candidates cannot apply for this training directly, one needs to be pre-selected for a EUAV position, which you can fine on the EU Aid Volunteers Platform, and then a pre-departure training, either at ASPR or one of the other central training venues, will be assigend to you.

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