Training Programmes

Short Overview of the ASPR Training Programmes

Training Aim Target Group
International Civilian Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Training Programme
Provide solid general preparation and function-specific knowledge and skills for deployment in crisis management missions. Enhance personal attitudes and promote a reflective and critical approach. Foster participants' ability to devise conflict sensitive attitudes in their work. Specialists with diverse professional backgrounds from all over the world who are or aim to be deployed in civilian crisis management missions through an NGO, IGO, or else. The diversity of participants is one of the unique features of the IPT. View Description
Customised Trainings Follows customers special interest. We design and organize trainings all around the main subject of civilian field work/peace missions. Either designated by respective organisations or open for participants with professional background and interested in the topic concerned. View Description
Civil-Military Training Cooperation
Project on Peace- building, Security Sector Reform, and the Protection of Civilians
Improving awareness and skills regarding comprehensive approaches to strategic/operational planning and implementation in the field of peacebuilding, security sector reform, and the protection of civilians. Fostering networking to facilitate enhanced mutual understanding and collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders. Civilian, police, or military experts from the UN, EU, AU, other international or regional organisations, national governments or agencies, and NGOs/civil society, working at the strategic/operational level. View Description
Summer Academy on OSCE
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Providing a thorough knowledge of the history, functioning, and current activities of the OSCE; training in working more effectively within the OSCE diplomatic and OSCE-NGO milieu. Diplomats, graduate students, and practitioners (intending to) working with the OSCE. Participants are expected to come from OSCE participating States or OSCE Partners for Cooperation. View Description
EU AVEU Aid Volunteers Training Programme Provide competence based pre-deployment training to EU Aid Volunteer candidates willing to contribute to humanitarian aid projects aiming at strengthening the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and disaster affected communities. EU citizens and long-term residents living in Europe with a wide range of backgrounds and different levels of expertise who have applied and have been pre-selected to volunteer positions published on the EU Aid Volunteers Platform. View Description
ENTRiEurope's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management Training activities target the range of individual needs associated with deployment support missions in fulfilling their mandate adequately and efficiently. ENTRi has been created to foster European and international harmonised approaches to capacity-building. Candidates officially nominated by their countries/institutions; individuals working in civilian crisis operations or in the process of being deployed. The target group comprises of both seconded and contracted personnel. View Description
Capacity-Building in West Africa
Increasing awareness and professional capacity in the field of humanitarian assistance and civil-military relations for the purpose of promoting peace and human security at the local, national and regional level in West Africa. Mid/operational-level civilian, military and police practitioners from international or regional organizations, national governments or agencies, and NGOs/civil society directly or indirectly engaging in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations either at the local, national or regional level in Africa and in the West African region in particular. View Description

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