Core Course for Peace Builders

The ENTRi certified CORE COURSE comprises theoretical inputs and practical exercises tailored to the realities in the field. All modules enhance interpersonal skills, highlight the importance of active involvement in the host society, and promote a reflective and critical approach. Junior professionals benefit particularly as they get the opportunity to reflect on their own mission readiness and motivation.

Scheduled Course

IPT Core Course for Peacebuilders: 5 – 17 März 2019
Application Deadline (Scholarships): 30 November 2018Applications of qualified, self-financed candidates can be considered after this deadline.

Master Class on Dialogue Methods for Peacebuilding - with Han Verhoeven & Henk van Apeldoorn

The objective of this IPT Master Class is to support the development of democratic and stabilized societies through preparing participants for designing and facilitating dialogues of small and large groups with conflicting interests.
We live in times of constant changes. Enormous societal and environmental complex challenges lead to conflict at different levels. Can we improve in dialogue methodology to avoid escalation into violence? Henk and Han worked with non-violent ways of solving conflicts, in widely different contexts. Ranging from interreligious dialogue in Nigeria to conflicts over basic resources like water in Puntland & Somaliland. In Eastern Africa, they worked with youth and the temptations to resort to violence in a future with narrowing options and lack of inclusion. How to ensure that young voices are heard by deciders? Can we find ways to make rural voices audible in the capital?
Even in fragile states a mix of traditional and modern dialogue and mediation methods can prevent escalation towards violence.

Scheduled Course

IPT Master Class on Dialogue Methods for Peacebuilding: 18 – 29 März 2019
Application Deadline (Scholarships): 30 November 2018Applications of qualified, self-financed candidates can be considered after this deadline.

The master class offers peace builders methodologies from different parts of the world that will encourage them to include innovative approaches in their work. This class may support them to work with new attitudes and skills and an eye and ear for all perspectives that are at stake.

A mixture of theory and practice, modern and traditional methods, is used to equip participants for a dialogue in which all voices are invited and the wisdom of minority voices is incorporated in decisions.   Activities include deep listening, simulations, serious gaming, working with codes, plenary and small group exercises, facilitation and self-care practices. The tools introduced derive from Deep Democracy, Large Scale Intervention methods (Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Future Search, World Cafe), Principled Negotiation, Transformation theory, Complexity Theory, and policy influencing. Simple holistic wellness practices will support people to tap into the wisdom of their body, mind and spirit to remain healthy while under stress.

Participants will

- have developed attitude and skills to achieve ownership and common ground for a shared cause

- have a toolkit of methodologies that support the finding of common ground in a multi-stakeholder setting

- learn how to deal with tensions and conflict in a group

- learn how to take decisions beyond majority agreement (even consensus)

- be able to use and teach some holistic wellness practices for healing self and community


COURSE FEES: € 1,685.-

This includes tuition fee, course materials, shuttle to and from the airport, as well as full-board accommodation, coffee breaks, and a social event.

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