IPT Master Class on Conflict Transformation

During this master class, participants get acquainted with the underlying philosophical approaches, theoretical concepts and practical tools for facilitating conflict transformation in complex constellations. Participants will develop skills, and practice a facilitator’s attitude to apply their knowledge in different settings
(eg. as inside mediators, as third party, or when working with potential veto groups) and at different societal levels.

Scheduled Course

IPT Master Class on Conflict Transformation: 10 – 20 November 2019

IPT Core Course

The ENTRi certified CORE COURSE comprises theoretical inputs and practical exercises tailored to the realities in the field. All modules enhance interpersonal skills, highlight the importance of active involvement in the host society, and promote a reflective and critical approach. Junior professionals benefit particularly as they get the opportunity to reflect on their own mission readiness and motivation.

Please note that the attendance of this course is a requirement to attend our master classes and specialisation courses! This requirement may only be waved on individual basis and consideration of similar related experience!

Scheduled Course

IPT Core Course: 27 Oktober – 8 November 2019
Application Deadline (Scholarships): 26 Juli 2019Applications of qualified, self-financed candidates can be considered after this deadline.

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